Feeding your family should bring you closer together, and closer to your healthiest selves. Your family's transformative journey begins right now, with Sarajean.


Feeding your family should be fun!

Hi, I’m Sarajean Rudman, and I’m here to help you make feeding your family healthy, fun, and stress-free. I know how challenging it can be to plan, prepare, and enjoy nutritious meals with your loved ones, especially when you have different dietary restrictions or preferences. That’s why I offer holistic family nutrition consulting, where I work with you and your family to create a personalized wellness plan that suits your needs and goals. Whether you want to lose weight, boost your energy, prevent or manage chronic diseases, or simply enjoy more quality time with your family, I can help you achieve it. Let me show you how you can transform your health and happiness through your meals. Contact me today and let’s get started.

“Working with Sarajean was the best decision I ever made for my family’s health and happiness. She helped us create delicious and nutritious meals that everyone loved, and taught us how to make healthy eating fun and easy. ”


Rebecca Tremonti

Free Recipes

Can’t wait for family's consultation with Sarajean? Try one of these easy-to-follow recipes for dinner tonight.


Watermelon Mint Salad

Start your day with this light and invigorating fruit salad. It's unbelievable how versatile this kids' favorite can be.

Ginger-Sesame Tofu

Your kids will love it so much for dinner, you'll wrap it with hummus and carrots for their lunch the next day!

Maple Sweet Potato Fries

The challenge is getting these on a plate before they disappear right off of the sheet pan!


Just looking for a push in the right direction?

In my Fundamentals of Feeding Families course, you can go at your own pace as you discover the foundational nutritional and psychological principles behind my methods. It's great for busy moms and dads to get started on your family's journey.


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